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Welcome to my corner of the internet! Here will be all sorts of thoughts and content about my interests. I like Japanese media and learning Japanese. Check out the about page to see more about my interests in general.

This site is by an adult for myself (me) and an adult audience in mind. Please don't send me private messages or interact with me on a personal level if you are under 18. See disclaimer for more. This homepage is themed after the first season of Ojamajo Doremi (with Tomie x Cure La Mer added muahahaha).

I ticker with my website often when active, so expect changes here and there. This site is best suited for viewing on a desktop computer.

You can call me Amy. I am 20+. Contact me by email. I would love to make friends here (please only 18+ people though), or do button exchanges.

 I am an adult, and this website might have uncomfortable topics or images (always with warnings) in the future that aren't appropriate for kids. I also strongly believe that children and adults should have clear boundaries and that it's creepy for a teenager to be privately chatting with an adult online.

 I do not see myself ever posting pornography or anything of that nature on my site. At most, I miiiight (strong might) write R-15 / PG-13-ish fanfiction or have artist nudity with warnings. So while the site will be technically SFW, it is not intended for kids!

 I do not talk about politics, very controversial subjects, drama, serious discourse against other people, or anything like that here.

You are responsible for yourself, your feelings, and your online experience! I talk about what I want here, ship what I want here, and don't feel like censoring myself on my own website. Planning on this website to forever stay apolitical, chill, and discourse-free!

このサイトへようこそ!まだ準備中!ここには色んな考え、意見、趣味について内容を書いたりするつもりだよ。このホームページのテーマは「おジャ魔女どれみ」の1期。最初にサイト名は「Angel Springs」にするが、「Angel Eye Springs」に変わったんだ。

管理者の名はAmy (エイミー)。20代。友達を作りたり、色んな趣味についてブログるためにこのサイトを作ったんだ。日本の(二次元)作品にすっかりハマってる。日本語も勉強している。(母語話者じゃないことが当たり 前 でしょう?笑。)まだクソ下手けど、VNとLNが読める。メールで連絡してください。大人なら友達を作るといいね。(ホームページに見せるために)サイトアドレスを交換してもいい。


What's New? (12/5/23)

Current Obsession: PreCure; HiroPre, S☆S, WondaPre!
Currently Reading: 小説 となりのトトロ, ハリー・ポッターと炎のゴブレット [JP]; Crime and Punishment (need to finish!), Giovanni's Room [EN]

 What a long, exciting, and stressful weekend. If you know, you know. I am ready to get back into the Christmas grove. I'm looking at getting presents for my friends and family... the end of the month can't come soon enough! Eggnog, cats, chair, blanket, book...♡
 I found some old Japanese crochet books in my closet. I'm thinking about making a mini sweater for my doll, a Kururun amigurumi, or a bag. It's been a while tho...

Featured Pages! (12/4/23)
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About the Site (12/6/23)

 This site was going to be named Angel Springs, but I settled for Angel Eye Springs. Cure Black and Cure White protect this webpage. Don't mess with them!

 Why Neocities? Well, I was bored one day and found lots of cool sites. And I wanted to do the same! Truth be told, I got sick of the toxic side of fandoms and wanted a space to talk about anything. I don't use any social media because it's not for me, so this is now my little outlet. I like screaming into the void, not feeling social pressure to watch this, do that, etc. This site isn't supposed to imitate the old web, more like a (chill) Tumblr blog. Sidebar and everything! The old web-ness comes from my terrible html skills ;). I plan on keeping a list of things I read or watch on here. Oh, and I love doodling for fun! By the way, I am verrry shy, so don't be afraid to email me or say hi in my guestbook! It may take me a couple days to respond though. Also, I add buttons of sites I like, so please let me know if you want me to take your button down! There is no obligation for you to exchange buttons with me either, and I don't endorse 100% of everything my buttons links say or think (hopefully that was obvious...)

 I'm always learning and changing in general, so I'm sure I'll add or revise information here. じゃあね~

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