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Watching: Avatar: The Last Airbender! For the first time! along with my usual crap
Reading: Picking up Harry Potter again! (The Goblet of Fire)

 I don't like to talk about very personal matters publically. I consider myself a somewhat private person. But sometimes I do get negatively influenced easily by things online. So I did the logical (in my opinion) thing last week and took a NeoCities / internet break. I feel so much better!

 I know everyone on here has a manifesto against social media. But one thing I think should be discussed more is the sheer amount of information and connection to others we have at all times. Specifically, I don't think it's normal or healthy for strangers to have a list of information or actions you take online, spanning years. You know? I think there's been some discussion on how younger kids are afraid to make mistakes or be wrong or be cringe because they don't want to be "cancelled". I don't know if that's the most accurate take on the matter, but I think it causes psychological damage to always have strangers judge your every action. Or look at stupid take you had 4 years ago. Or attempt to always be logically consistant so nobody can judge or attack you. I might rewrite my thoughts here to better articulate them, but TL;DR: take lots of breaks offline. Constant perception from others at all times all around the world can't be healthy in my opinion.

 The Japanese translation of Harry Potter is comfy. I bought the whole set of books from a seller on Ebay several years ago. Last year I got the entire set of Japanese translated Lord of the Rings books as well. I've been enjoying the weekend reading, playing with some pets, and relaxing. I've also made more art that I need to scan and upload in.

 I took a day trip somewhere and bought some photography for my walls. It was expensive, but I'm happy to look at it for, well, the rest of my life I guess. I also started watching Avatar for the first time (kinda). I LOVE IT! Sokka is so dumb and funny. Any other media recommendations? Because lord knows I don't have enough things to watch, play, or read. Hope you guys are enjoying the warmer weather and upcoming summer. Oh yeah, also I'm having computer troubles... but I'll try to reply to emails / messages. And add people to the webring! Love you all.

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 These are sites I like for one reason or another. There is no obligation or pressure for my site to be linked back. Let me know if you want yours taken down for whatever reason!
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 I'm addicted to webrings, fanlistings, and cliques. I tried making my own webring too!

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My Stamps:

 I LOVE making stamps! Free to use, credit apprciated but not required. I take requests too, just send over the image or gif. I made the yarn stamps link back to their indie dyers~!

To-Do List:

 Yes, I have actually way too many ideas for this site. Here's some of the things I want to do. Also if you don't know how this site "works", I pick at things over time. Everything is a contast WIP.
  • Utena Shrine with episode + movie analysis + importance
  • Love Live Shrine with ranked songs + thoughts to every animu adaptation + some manga
  • DMMD Shrine
  • (Shrines for other NITRO+ CHiRAL games if I play them)
  • Ranking Touhou themes
  • Maybe sub-shrines for Tropical Rouge and Heartcatch?

  • Trying out some crochet patterns from old Japanese crochet books I have
  • Adding a page for my new doll
  • Fumo + Nesoberi pattern
  • Pictures of my room + merch

    Media I Want to Consume:
  • Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms
  • More NITRO+ CHiRAL (notably DMMD re:connect, Lamento, and Slow Damage)
  • Amnesia series
  • Hugtto PreCure
  • Get back into BG3 *sob*

Bumper Stickers:

 Because why not? These are all from here. (Also please don't take these too seriously... all the bumper stickers are tongue-in-cheek!)