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Please don't use my own pictures or art without permission.
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Recent finishes or almost finishes: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Smile PreCure, etc.
Current media: KINGDOM HEARTS BUNDLE ON STEAM!!!! + my usual crap. Very happy that Steam allows for the OG Japanese version.

 I'm joining Art Fight this year! Profile~ I am Team Seafoam because well, it's the prettier team! Also because a lot of my friends are on Stardust, and I would like to attack them xD This is my first time doing this, so I hope to have some fun. I'm going to have to redraw Angie, but that's not really a problem, is it? I decided that her moe point is thick eyebrows.

 Life is currently kind of chill right now. But I'm also fighting the urge to settle or stop working. It's hard to explain outside of real life terms. But I'm happy where I am. Everything seems to have a habit of working out it seems.

 I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. Stay safe and stay hydrated. I'm trying to pick up steam again in doll world, so having fun there too. IDK. I'll probably make an edit below here with some more updates.

 OH! I almost forgot. I made the best blondies ever. Link for main recipe here. I used this almost one-to-one except... 1) I added less sugar. A lot less. Reduce regular sugar to only 1/3 cup at most and brown sugar to ~80% of a cup. The reductions sound crazy, but it's so so so sweet still. Eat some batter to taste. 2) Consider using pizza flour. What? Yes. I used this. I had it on hand.... it makes the blondies so chewy! 3) I used potato starch since I don't have corn starch. I don't think this makes a difference. I also used fancy vanilla paste, but yeah, optional. The result.... the best blondies ever!!!

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 These are sites I like for one reason or another. There is no obligation or pressure for my site to be linked back. Let me know if you want yours taken down for whatever reason!
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Ringz n' Thingz:

 I'm addicted to webrings, fanlistings, and cliques. I tried making my own webring too!

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Aoba Seragaki is Mine!

My Stamps:

 I LOVE making stamps! Free to use, credit apprciated but not required. I take requests too, just send over the image or gif. I made the yarn stamps link back to their indie dyers~!

To-Do List:

 Yes, I have actually way too many ideas for this site. Here's some of the things I want to do. Also if you don't know how this site "works", I pick at things over time. Everything is a contast WIP.
  • Utena Shrine with episode + movie analysis + importance
  • Love Live Shrine with ranked songs + thoughts to every animu adaptation + some manga
  • DMMD Shrine
  • (Shrines for other NITRO+ CHiRAL games if I play them)
  • Ranking Touhou themes
  • Maybe sub-shrines for Tropical Rouge and Heartcatch?

  • Trying out some crochet patterns from old Japanese crochet books I have
  • Adding a page for my new doll
  • Fumo + Nesoberi pattern
  • Pictures of my room + merch

    Media I Want to Consume:
  • Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms
  • More NITRO+ CHiRAL (notably DMMD re:connect, Lamento, and Slow Damage)
  • Amnesia series
  • Hugtto PreCure
  • Get back into BG3 *sob*

Bumper Stickers:

 Because why not? These are all from here. (Also please don't take these too seriously... all the bumper stickers are tongue-in-cheek!)