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Doll Crochet Adventures, the Beginning (1/14/24):
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 I have been wanting to make Chestnut (his new name) some clothes for a while now. I have experience with crochet and verrry limited experience with sewing. However, I have not crocheted for a couple years now. So my goal here was to 1) make something for Chestnut, 2) refresh my crochet skills, 3) see what goes into making clothing for doll dimensions, 4) have fun! I decided that I wanted to make a simple long sweater shirt / dress as my first project to acheive these goals. On Pinterest, I saw some custom Rin and Lin dolls with knit sweater which inspired me. Chestnut is a 1/6 scale Azone doll which was quite a bit smaller than the customs I saw, but I digress.

 This weekend I got to work crocheting upwards in a very very basic pattern. In fact there was no pattern I followed. I just winged it. I figured it would be more fun that way anyways lol. Anyone who crochets can see that I just single-crocheted upwards to make tubes for the base and sleeves. Then I used a crochet needle to sew the sleeves in. From there I crocheted the sleeves into the base. The back is tied up with yarn, and I embroidered a simple star.

 I consider this a success! Now is it an example of fantastic crochet technique? Absolutely not. The yarn is cheap basic black yarn. It looks super homemade. My crochet is clearly very messy. However, all of the imperfections make it special in my eyes. I really crocheted this with love and care. The off-center star embroidery is so endearing to me as well. I could have bought lots and lots of adorable clothing online (and I plan to!), but to me, creation and output are really what make my hobbies special.

 Where do I go from here? Well, I plan on improving my crochet, that's for sure! I bought some Licca-chan patterns for very cheap, and I hope to make those in the future. I also will eventually try my hand at sewing! Sewing a little white T-shirt is very doable to me as a first project for sewing. I also have a lot of doll costume / cosplay designs. I really want to do Cure Papaya at certain point! The possiblities are endless. Oh and I need to improve my photography skills. And get some props for him. And I want to make him a little character bio. I have a lot I want to do!

New Doll Stand (12/15/23):

 Guys, I finally got a stand for my doll! Minor update, but I think that this is awesome for two reasons. One, I can pose him for pictures any way I want. And two, I can use him as a model for my art. Yes, I know my camera and photography skills are shit, but I'm so happy! You can find these plastic stands pretty easily on Amazon. Doesn't this give him a lot of personality?

 I also have some serious plans... I was thinking about making little clothing for him! I've never sewed clothing before, but I have access to a sewing machine. And it can't be that hard if I try, right? We aren't going for perfection! There's lots of good doll patterns online if you are in the know B)

 But, even before that, I want to find where I lost my crochet needles and crochet him something! No patterns just banking on my subpar skills.. Maybe a sweater? Orrrr a Cure costume! I keep thinking of Cure Wing (obvs), Cure Bloom (for some reason), or some other Cure. Cure Papaya resembles him! That might be a nice art project.

 Even beyond this doll, I recently have a new crush on a fictional character. He's a secret (for now), but I would totally buy a doll or figure of him. Maybe even thinking of making a custom doll of him myself. It makes me a little embarassed to like ficitional characters since there are bigger fans than me, and well, I don't know if the character would like me back. But it's a fun little fantasy and hobby. That's all for now! Enjoy the potato quality~

My Doll (10/31/23):

 Yep! I have a doll! I think "it" (lol) is supposed to be a he? Isn't he cute? Long story short, I bought this doll from a secondhand-store from Japan. He was around 5000 yen. I'm told that he is not a true ball-jointed doll (BJD), but an Azone doll. I'm trying to see what actual Azone series / line he belongs to.

 The doll world online seems like a rabbit-hole with lots of very knowledgable people inside a tight-knit community. I'm still an outsider to this world, but I fantasize about assembling together a Volks doll for an original character. Maybe sewing little clothes for it. Maybe taking pictures. It would be... quite expensive though, so for now I will be content with this doll and maybe some PureNeemos from secondhand stores. I don't know if I will ever be a doll person, but well-made dolls do look better than a lot of figures.

 By the way, you may have noticed that he doesn't have a name yet. I'm still thinking of something to call him. I also might crochet a mini-sweater for him before it starts getting cold outside as well.

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