My Doll (10/31/23):

 Yep! I have a doll! I think "it" (lol) is supposed to be a he? Isn't he cute? Long story short, I bought this doll from a secondhand-store from Japan. He was around 5000 yen. I'm told that he is not a true ball-jointed doll (BJD), but an Azone doll. I'm trying to see what actual Azone series / line he belongs to.

 The doll world online seems like a rabbit-hole with lots of very knowledgable people inside a tight-knit community. I'm still an outsider to this world, but I fantasize about assembling together a Volks doll for an original character. Maybe sewing little clothes for it. Maybe taking pictures. It would be... quite expensive though, so for now I will be content with this doll and maybe some PureNeemos from secondhand stores. I don't know if I will ever be a doll person, but well-made dolls do look better than a lot of figures.

 By the way, you may have noticed that he doesn't have a name yet. I'm still thinking of something to call him. I also might crochet a mini-sweater for him before it starts getting cold outside as well.

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