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クロウカードフォーチュンブック (11/6/23):

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Hello! If you are a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura by CLAMP or just a fan of fortune-telling, it may surprise you to know that there is an "official complete fortune-telling manual of the 'CROWCARD SET'" out there. Yes! In fact, I have a secondhand copy of this book...

 This book was originally published in Japan on March the 24th, 2000. There is an archived English translation .pdf file floating around the internet from a while ago (2008?) which you can probably find. Here I am going to post some pictures, transcripts, and translations if I feel like it. Please note that I am not a professional translator by any means, I'm just a hobbyist. I also just want to give this older book more attention because of the still-strong popularity of Cardcaptor Sakura and things like tarot cards. Plus the translated .pdf file seems to be missing some images and text..I also think some content could be better translated into English, but I suck at translating stuff anyways. Let's take a look.

 The first part of this book includes a page dedicated to each of the 52 cards featured in the original Cardcaptor Sakura anime and manga. On each page, there is an illustration of the card, the card's name in English and Japanese, a short description of the meaning, the card's message and what kind of things you should look out for or be aware of. In addition, the coolest thing (in my opinion) is that each card has a card from a standard 52-deck that it corresponds to. That's right! You do not need to have your own deck of Crow Cards to get fortunes. Neat!

Here is an example page for THE MIRROR on the right. We have the Japanese title(鏡)and the little meaning description. Here it says 「自分を深く見つめるとき。」which means "When you deeply stare at yourself." You can substitute an eight of diamonds card for it if you don't have Crow Cards. The card's message is 「あなた自身の長所も短所も、他人の行動を通して知ることできる。特に嫌だなと感じている相手の欠点はあなた自身のことを映しだしていることが多い。」"You are able to understand both your strong points and weak points through the actions of another people. There are many cases where a person's flaws that you especially hate reflect your own." The card says this when advising you to be careful of something 「謙虚になって今一度、自分の 行動について反省してみよう。思いあたることがあれば、すぐにあらためること。」"Try modestly reflecting on your actions once more. If there are things that come to mind, change yourself right away." Neat stuff, right? This information comes with every card!

More information to come soon about fortune-reading methods...and my own fortune attempt. Let me know if you would want me to post pictures of more card pages or do another amateur translation.

Key Advice for Clow Card Fortunes(1)
クロウカード・ワンポイントアドバイス〈1〉 (11/14/23):

Key Advice for Clow Card Fortunes(1)
-Key Advice for When You Want to Do Clow Card Fortunes-
・When you aren't using Clow Cards...
In the north-side of a room, put them in a quiet place. The cards' power will increase.
・Conditions and place for doing a Clow Card fortune...
Common advice shared for when you do all 9 types of fortunes that use Clow Cards:
1. Have the person doing the fortune be the most relaxed and choose a room where you can concentrate.
2. Turn off things like the TV or CDs, quiet conditions are the best.
3. Go slowly and do the fortune when there is ample time. Be aware that when you interrupt the fortune for some reason or another, that you can not do a fortune well.
Additionly, points for doing the next 4 fortunes effectively...
‣Love Fortune = Wear pink things (attach pink things to [your] body), try doing the fortune with pink flowers nearby.
‣Daily Fortune = Wake up earlier than usual, try doing the fortune facing the east.
‣Weekly Fortune = When the sun is doing down on Sunday, try doing the fortune facing the west.
‣Moon Fortune = Trying doing the fortune on a night with the moon out rather than in the day.


By the way, I'm seriously considering translating every card in a table just as a fun project whenever I feel like it^^

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