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What the heck is this?

Dancing☆Star Pretty Cure The Stage ("BokuPuri") was a stage show that ran in Japan in Fall 2023. This is a PreCure spin-off with a team of older male Cures. It is aimed at an older audience. A bluray was released in April 2024. A sequel stage show was also confirmed for February and March 2025.

What the heck is PreCure?

Pretty Cure or PreCure is a long-running magical girl franchise in Japan. Every year there is a new season. "Cures" are characters who align on the side of good and transform into magical warriors. My main PreCure shrine is here.

Why this shrine?

 This shrine was made in May 2024 after I became a fan of the stage show. I want to promote it! The Blu-ray is the only way to watch, and there are no official English subtitles. Despite these challenges to a non-Japanese audience, I think people would really like it! Magical boys, people! Magical boys are quite rare, and I really really think these boys would be popular. One important thing to note is that the story here is played straight. That's right, no parody here. Full on cheese. Also again, older male characters who are officially PreCure, the biggest active magical girl franchise at the moment.

 Please let know if I can improve this page in any way in my guestbook. The Japanese text on this page from the Blu-ray. The English translations are by me. Also reach out if you are PreCure wiki member.

 Below are the buttons for this specific shrine webpage. Please feel free to share to linkback to this page! I appreciate all help and support for this little personal "project", fan or not!

Is there an anime?

 No word on if there will be an anime adaptation. But with the Otona and Mahoutsukai spin-offs, there's hope! Let's all manifest an anime spin-off.

I can't wait for the BokuPuri anime.
I'm going to watch the BokuPuri anime with my friends.
Aren't you excited for the BokuPuri anime?

 Jokes aside, I really do hope that Toei capitalizes on a spin-off. I'm glad the stage show was successful enough for a sequel.

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Main Theme: Do the Dancing☆Starプリキュア | Do the Dancing☆Star PreCure

Main Theme: Do the Dancing☆Starプリキュア
(Transcription: Me)

きらめきのビートで満たそう アツくこの世界
Do the Dancing☆Star!! Do! Do! PRECURE!!
(Let's Dance! Hi!!)

アザヤカな夢のシンパシー 沸き立ちリズム
ガンガン高鳴る鼓動 完全ウンメイってやつ

Every time Every step 磨きあうオレ達で (We Go!!)

きらめきのビートが止まらない アツいこの世界(Fu!!)
勇気のムーブが ハートを奮い立たせる
Do the Dancing☆Star!! Do! Do! PRECURE!!

きっとひとりずつ持ってる 自分のスコア
瞬間ハモる感覚 真剣伝えあってるね

一生モノの情熱を見つけたんだ(We Go!!)

光のリズムで満たそう アツく身体中(Fu!!)
上がるボリュームで もっと夢中になれる


光のリズムが あふれる
アツく 身体中
どんな思いも 全部チカラにする

きらめきのビートが止まらない アツいこの世界(Fu!!)
勇気のムーブが ハートを奮い立たせる
Do the Dancing☆Star!! Do! Do! PRECURE!!

Main Theme: Do the Dancing☆Star PreCure
(Translation: Me)

Let's fill this passionate world with a sparkling beat
Do the Dancing☆Star!! Do! Do! PRECURE!!
(Let's Dance! Hi!!)

The symphony of vivid dreams, rhythm overflowing with excitement
My heartbeat pounding to what we call complete fate

Every time Every step, we polish overselves together (We Go!!)
Our bond is how our pursuit of growth evolves

The sparkling beat can't stop in this passionate world (Fu!!)
Brave moves lift our sprits up
With hope always in our hearts
Do the Dancing☆Star!! Do! Do! PRECURE!!

Surely each and every one of us has our own score
The moment we feel harmonized, we show each other true selves

We found passion that will last us a lifetime (We Go!!)
Because our power at 100% today
Won't betray us ahead

Let's fill our passionate bodies with the light of rhythm (Fu!!)
We can become even more entranced at a higher volume

With sweat and tears running down my face
I feel the yell that came from myself

Overflowing with the light of rhythm
Our passionate bodies
No matter my dreams, I will turn them all into power

The sparkling beat can't stop in this passionate world (Fu!!)
Brave moves lift our sprits up
With hope always in our hearts
Do the Dancing☆Star!! Do! Do! PRECURE!!


(Again, all transcriptions and translations are by me)

Hoshikawa Gaku (星河楽) / Cure Top (キュアトップ)



身長:170cm / 誕生日:8月12日 / 血液型:B型 / 得意科目:体育 / 苦手科目:数学 / 好きなもの:チーズ / 苦手なもの:整理整頓


Actor:Shogo Tamura

Name:Gaku Hoshikawa

Height:170cm / Birthday:8/12 / Blood Type:B型 / Best Subject:Physical Education / Worst Subject:Math / Likes:Cheese / Dislikes:Keeping things tidy

 "The beat of hope racing within your chest! Cure Top!" A second year dance club member who loves to dance. With a botomlessly cheerful positive personality, he aims to win the national championship. One day while in the middle of everyday dance practice, Gaku meets Pas De Deux and transforms into PreCure! Protect the world!?

Natsume Hayato (夏目颯斗) / Cure Lock (キュアロック)



身長:174cm / 誕生日:5月10日 / 血液型:A型 / 得意科目:数学 / 苦手科目:現代文 / 好きなもの:レコード屋巡り / 苦手なもの:絶叫


Actor:Ryo Takizawa

Name:Hayato Natsume

Height:174cm / Birthday:5/10 / Blood Type:A / Best Subject:Math / Worst Subject:Modern Japanese / Likes:Visiting Record Shops / Dislikes:Screaming

 "Passionate movement playing in your heart! Cure Lock!" A second year dance club member. Was called a genius dancer as a middle schooler. Because he failed last year's selection test, he works hard at practice with his childhood friend Gaku, but he has lost confidence in his own dancing.

Tsukimiya Sasana (月宮爽々奈) / Cure Soul (キュアソウル)



身長:180cm / 誕生日:4月27日 / 血液型:AB型 / 得意科目:英語 / 苦手科目:地理 / 好きなもの:自分が愛しているもの全部 / 苦手なもの:ヒ・ミ・ス☆


Actor:Toya Morita

Name:Sasana Tsukimiya

Height:180cm / Birthday:4/27 / Blood Type:AB / Best Subject:English / Worst Subject:Geography / Likes:Everything he loves / Dislikes:It's・A・Secret☆

 "Charming steps that carve into your soul! Cure Soul!" The third year club president. He wants to connect people's bodies and souls throughout the world through dance! Captivating both men and women of all ages. There are many underclassmen who join the dance club after being drawn to Sasana's charismatic personality.

Tengen Kouga (天弦晃雅) / Cure Kagura (キュアカグラ)



身長:175cm / 誕生日:6月8日 / 血液型:O型 / 得意科目:日本史 / 苦手科目:世界史 / 好きなもの:筋トレ / 苦手なもの:


Actor:Raiga Terasaka

Name:Kouga Tengen

Height:175cm / Birthday:6/8 / Blood Type:O / Best Subject:Japanese History / Worst Subject:World History / Likes:Muscle-training / Dislikes:Bugs

 "A sacred live purifiying impurities! Cure Kagura!" A third year dance club member. Instructs the club members strictly as the vice-president. His family home is the "Tengen Shrine" everyone knows. Kouga struggled with the unique customs when he was young.

Kurose Maito (黒瀬舞人) / Cure Break (キュアブレイク)



身長:168cm / 誕生日:1月17日 / 血液型:O型 / 得意科目:科学 / 苦手科目:現代社会 / 好きなもの:猫 / 苦手なもの:うるさい人


Actor:Iori Kotsuji

Name:Maito Kurose

Height:168cm / Birthday:1/17 / Blood Type:O / Best Subject:Science / Worst Subject:Modern Society / Likes:Cats / Dislikes:Noisy People

 "Splendid tricks that tear through the darkness! Cure Break!" A first year former club member. Maito was said to be steady regular of the team as a first year, but after a certain incident, he quit the dance club and currently dances alone.

Pas De Deux(パドドゥ)

Pas De Deux


身長:パンケーキ15段分(人間の姿では180cm) / 誕生日:??? / 血液型:??? / 得意なこと:お菓子作り / 好きなもの:おやつを食べること / 苦手なもの:辛いもの


Pas De Deux
Actor:Shinichi Wago

Name:Pas De Deux

Height:15 pancakes tall (180cm in human form) / Birthday:??? / Blood Type:??? / Good at:Making candy / Likes:Eating snacks / Dislikes:Spicy food

 A fairy who came to look for the lengendary warriors, PreCure, in order to protect the world from despair. He normally stays in human form in order to not stand out, but when Pas De Deux transforms into his super pretty (!) true form, he ends his sentences with "Pado" and "Du".

Who is your favorite BokuPuri cure?
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 【星河楽】は、好きなものは特技もダンス!憧れのダンス部で大会優勝を夢見る高校2年生。レギュラー選抜テストに向かう途中、奇妙な衣装の青年【パドドゥ】と、虚ろな目をしたスーツの男と出会う。スーツの男は突然不気味な音楽に合わせてリズムを取り始めると、変えて襲いかかってくる! 絶体絶命とおもった時、パドドゥのもつ【ステラブレス】が強く輝き、楽は光につつまれるー


 Gaku Hoshikawa's talent and favorite thing to do is dance! He dreams of winning the national championship as a second year student in his beloved dance club. In the middle of preparing for the the regular selection test, Gaku meets a young man in a strange outfit, Pas De Deux, and an empty-eyed man in a suit. When the suited man suddenly starts to play a rhythm together with unnerving music, he transforms and attacks! As a last resort, Pas De Deux's Stella Bracelet shines intensely, and Gaku is wrapped in light...

 "The beat of hope racing within your chest! Cure Top!" Wait, what did I say? And what's with this outfit! Ride the rhythm which changes despair into hope! Dancing☆Star Pretty Cure begins!

PDF file scan of the Bluray booklet!! Yes, this is my scan. Yes, I claim being the first to upload.
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 Opinions subject to change! Also please, please give your own testamonials and opinions if you've seen BokuPuri lol.

What was your experience watching BokuPuri?

 So, I knew this live show existed since the announcement because of my activity in the normal PreCure fandom. I quickly took interest, but there wasn't as much hype due to BokuPuri being a stage show. Spin-off, plus no English translations, plus the geographical distance from when the stage show was preformed. However there were recordings taken, and the obvious Bluray release. I was excited to watch when the Bluray released and spent a weekend enjoying show. That was also when I decided to order the Bluray.

 I truly think BokuPuri has the opportunity to become big, even in the West for reasons I've explained before. There's shows like Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! and Fairy Ranmaru and.... Osomatsu-San? I guess? But it would be very nice for the magical boy genre to be given another shot with a 12 episode anime series... I mean it all depends on if the show has a high enough potential to make money or not. Fujoshi appeal? Let's just all hope the sequel show is also successful.

 Okay so here's something I need to add before talking about character stuff as well. I'm not into RPF or the actors themselves. When I think of (the BokuPuri) characters, I imagine them as cartoons. That goes for everything in general. I have never been into simping over actors, band members, k-poop, Youtubers, etc. I kinda felt out of place for it growing up, but it's true! Like when I imagine Kirk and Spock, I imagine them as characters, like literally bishies or even the Animated Series versions of them. So again, while I admire the actors for doing an AMAZING (!!!) job at bringing everything here to life (!!!), I don't *see* the characters as 3D.

Thoughts on the color scheme?

 I am very much into PreCure color categories if you don't already know lol. As for the team as a whole, we have Pink - Blue - Yellow - Green - Purple. The same color scheme as Star☆Twinkle. (Obviously Cure Cosmo is a blue cure. She is not multicolored. Multicolored is her sub-color. I will not budge.) Some people have predicted that there will be a stage show equivalent to a midseason cure in the sequel show. I preferrably would NOT want an additional cure to the mix. But thinking of potential color options... I think that white would actually be an interesting option instead of red... Cure... Pop? I'm terrible at names and just want to keep the team at 5 members.

 I analyzed each Cure to their color category in character section as well. I love, love, love, the character designs in this stage show. They look fun and campy for the magical boy transformations, but not too kiddish. Each character has a beautiful scheme without turning into a clashing colorblob (*cough* Smile *cough*).

What are your thoughts on all of the characters?

 Spoiler alert, I like all of them.

Hoshikawa Gaku / Cure Top

 I love this dumbass! Cure Top is your typical Pink Leader; stupid and genki, but ready to stick up for his friends! I enjoyed when Gaku had a mini-tantrum on the floor as well. Gaku has good energy with the rest of the cast and helps bring up the show during its dark parts.

 Some people have said that Gaku's design reminds them of Natsu from Fairy Tail... he reminded me of someone I can't think of at the moment. His hair reminds me of Shaoran's, especially in his civilian form. I love the shades of pink they chose for Cure Top, especially the hot pink magenta vest. Gaku's belts and gray-purple underclothes prevent the pink in his design from becoming overwhelming. Love the collar with the dark undershirt around his neck. His brown belts look kinda like chocolate bars to me. The drop-crotch pants and messy hair communicate his personality to the audience. While I like the gold chains and yellow cape around his shoulders, did they have to give him another cape around his waist? Oh well, great design.

Natsume Hayato / Cure Lock

 Sweet boy, blue oni to Gaku's red. Very humble and underestimates himself....

Tsukimiya Sasana / Cure Soul

 Sasana KILLS it as Cure Soul! Kind, laidback, and likes to joke around. Transforms to disco music ...

Tengen Kouga / Cure Kagura

 Kouga's my least favorite of the cures, but I still enjoy his character. ...

Kurose Maito / Cure Break

 Great little character arc. ...

Pas De Deux

 I love this critter so damn much Even though he really does not like being called an "ossan", he's always adorable. Human or not. ...

So, favorite character?

 Probably Pas De Deux!

Favorite cure?

 Argh, my heart says Cure Top... I love them all though.

Favorite aspects of the show?



 Hm, okay... I'll have to pick at this section a lot, but let's all analyze the pairings together... Seme-uke pair order will be indicated in the names (for now), but it's not set in stone. I usually have a pair preference, but I'm okay with either order. I'll talk about which order is preferrable. This is all my opinion (duh).

  Btw, I am NOT a writer at all, but there's not much fan stuff for BokuPuri yet so....yeah...

  • Gaku x Hayato, Proposed Ship Name: Gayato?, GakuHaya?
  •  Alright, this is the one of the most teased pairings from this fujobait stage show. And it really ticks all of the boxes for a great pairing... Red oni, blue oni is probably one of my all time favorite tropes.

     Gaku is the hot-blooded protagonist who falls into stereotypes to a T. He's dumb, full of dreams, energetic yadadyada... I think like most anime characters, especially PINKS CURES, Gaku is a moron intellectually but connects with everyone emotionally. While Hayato is the the moon to Gaku's sun, the yin to this yang, dumb boy x emo nerd. You get the deal. You already know the pair order. They named him Cure Top...I think that Hayato wouldn't realize his true feelings until a circumstance forces them to comfront them with Gaku... while Gaku would make that connection. Pink and blue cures. You know, just like the proto-pink Cure Black and proto-blue Cure White...

  • Pas De Deux x Gaku, Proposed Ship Name: GakuPas?? (I'm giving up)
  •  I really like this pairing too. I mean I haven't seen it anywhere but in my head (lmao) because there's >130 drawings on Pixiv at the time of writing... Sooooo I'm making all of this shit up, and I like it... yeah.

     Pas De Deux is so freaking cute and sassy and I love his design so much (*cries*)... Would this be way too cute? Like Gaku's little fairy friend becomes close to him? Okay seriously, I just wanna keep drawing him URGH I can't decide if I like Gaku x Pas De Deux or Gaku x Hayato more... I might to call up a yaoi scientist. I think that Pas De Deux would the top while Gaku would be the bottom here, but riba is okay.

  • Sasana x Kouga
  • Kouga x Maito
  • Gaku x Maito
  • Gaku x Kazuho
  • Kei x Mitsuru

What would you want to see out of the sequel?



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