Wonderful Precure! Episode 7 ふたりのフレンドリベラーレ! + General Thoughts (3/17/24)

 Alright! Should be back on track on for episodes with a new webpage look! How do you guys like it? This week, Komugi and Iroha make up! Yay!

 So far I have been happy with WanPre. I think the story is very plot-centric so far, and the character pacing is well-done. We see Satoru, Daifuku, Yuki, and Mayu all through the episodes, building up to their presence. The fight between Komugi and Iroha was teased in episode 5, brought out in episode 6, and then resolved nicely in episode 7 with some character growth. Excited to see what's next! It seems like Komugi's going to school? Can't wait to see Mayu / Yuki too!
 Also the movie for WanPre was announced today.. with a video game theme? I'll talk about that briefly some other time. みんななかよし!わんだふる~!

Wonderful Precure! Episode 6 つながるキズナ フレンドリータクト + General Thoughts (3/17/24)

 Yep! This is a late entry due to my laziness and the HTML page update I was planning. This wegpage looks a lot better, doesn't it? Let's do the late review! Uh oh, this is the fight episode! Grab your pet or stuffed animal for a good snuggle :(


Wonderful Precure! Episode 5 つながるキズナ フレンドリータクト + General Thoughts (3/17/24)

 Yep! This is a late entry due to my laziness and the HTML page update I was planning. This wegpage looks a lot better, doesn't it? Let's do the late review! This is an important episode with Komugi's backstory and the Friendly Tact. I actually took notes right after I watched it a couple weeks ago!^^


Wonderful Precure! Episode 4 猫屋敷の猫とまゆ + General Thoughts (2/26/24)

 I'm a day late here because Sunday for me was kind of busy @ ~ @;; But I watched the episode around when it aired and have some thoughts!

Next episode has the Friendly Tact... lol Friendly Tact, but they named Iroha Cure Friendy...みんななかよし!わんだふる~!

Wonderful Precure! Episode 3 言っちゃダメェ~!+ General Thoughts (2/18/24)

 This episode gives exposition about the Niko Garden, Niko, and the Garugaru. Also Satoru joins the mix and meets MeyMey and the Cures! Shorter thoughts on today's episode, but I'm looking forward to Mayu and Yuki's episode next week!


Wonderful Precure! Episode 2 みんな友達、キュアフレンディ!+ General Thoughts (2/11/24)

 Cure Friendy's debut! Another calming, playful episode. Two other things about this series as whole: 1) There will be "chase action" which seems to confirm less of a focus on fights. 2) The title is written in hiragana because Komugi is a dog and can't read katakana yet! This information is based on staff interviews. A "cute" season after the "cool" Hirogaru Sky season. How wonderful!


Wonderful Precure! Episode 1 はじまりは「わんだふる!」+ General Thoughts (2/4/24)

 The season is off to a great start! I loved the new episode and want to share my thoughts and predictions! But first, I want to talk a little more about the character designs post-official reveal.

Cure Wonderful's design is okay in my opinion overall. Compared to other pink cures, she seems middle of the pack. One thing I don't like about her design is how her hair ends right at the bottom of her skirt. Her hair seems too much for my tastes too, and I would have liked to see another hair color besides yellow. But she is very cute and I love Komugi's little hair ears.

Cure Friendy's design is one I really like. I like how we have a blonde purple cure with nice contrast. Her braids give a very sweet image as well. I think her design translates well into dolls and plushies.

Cure Lillian's design has been bothering me a little. Well, I do like the color (green!) and even the shade. I don't like the fan-edits which give her a booger green shade. I wish it was a little more mint green, but that's okay. I just think she looks a little too "color blob"-y. "Color blob" monocolor Cures (like the ones from Smile) aren't my favorite because my eyes just gloss over easily. I wish her socks were PINK and there was another color to go along with her teal. Complain about Delicious Party all you want, it did not have this problem

Cure Nyammy is by far my favorite design. Enough said. Love the sharp white hair, ears, skirt, everything. She's gonna sell the most merch, I can tell.

 Onto the episode... Random thoughts here! By the way, I avoided looking at other discussions online beforehand, so these thoughts are original~

If someone is reading this and has thoughts too, let me know! I'm going to do this weekly! Andd eventually change my crappy html layout みんななかよし!わんだふる~!

Wonderful Precure! わんだふるぷりきゅあ!Cure Nyammy Fanart (1/21/24)

There's a lot I want to talk about before this season officially starts, but I drew Cure Nyammy with help from my new drawing tablet! She has my favorite design out of all of the new Cures.

Wonderful Precure! わんだふるぷりきゅあ!More Character Designs and Merch (1/5/24)

 Guys. Look at these designs. To be honest, when I first saw the leaks, I wasn't completely sold on the artstyle. It reminded me of Happiness Charge! a little, and I really don't like that artstyle. It looks so cheap in my opinion, like a parody show of PreCure. But this? Holy crap! They look adorable and high quality here. I am so excited for the Wonderful Precure! movie; I can only imagine how good the animation will look! This reminds me more of Delicious Smile, and I love the DeliPuri designs.

 We also have a synopsis on the plot now.The lead's name is Komugi, and guess what? She is a dog! You can see one of the toys right there that they are selling a おしゃべりたっぷりこむぎ which is a super-talking Komugi dog plush with lots of voice lines. Someone found a toy listing from Tokullectibles (here) that says "Join Komugi in Animal Town, where people and animals live together, and help them face off against all those who dare disturb the peace by transforming into one of the 21st Precure!". So yes, Komugi / Cure Wonderful will be with Friendly and work to save / collect animals. There is also a "smile sparkle trunk" (キラニコトランク) screen toy which holds animals they collect. We're have a good idea how this season will look! By the way, I really like the colors of the Wonderful Pact. I think the rainbow + pink / purple ribbons + gold look well together. Looking at it makes me feel happy and smile in real life :)

 One last thing I want to talk about is this magazine scan. There's a fairy-type character with the name Swan (スワン) and the text says "Let's protect the sparking animals and help them return back to the Smile Garden" (〇〇ガルになったキラリンアニマルをほごして、ニコガーデンにもどしてあげよう。). I can't read the word ending with ガル since it's cut-off, but it also says the sparking animals that became [that word]. In any case, they're going to be collecting and protecting animals from evil.

 What a good time to be a PreCure fan! みんななかよし!わんだふる~! I hope this season will turn out to be maximum comfy and cute.

Wonderful Precure! わんだふるぷりきゅあ!Merch Leaks (12/4/23)

 Shortly after the logo dropped, the teaser webpage went up for WanPre (that's what I'm calling it now). みんななかよし!わんだふる~!means We're all friends! Wonderful~! That's probably the lead cure's tag line. I should probably also mention that "Wan" is the sound of a dog barking in Japanese. So the title of the show is a dog pun (same pun used in the Mahoutsukai Opening). The webpage is here. Speaking of the lead cure...

 On 12/3/23, I came across these pictures being shared within the PreCure fandom. There's multiple angles of these bags. Yep. I and many others believe it to be real. The cure names are Cure Wonderful (pink), Cure Nyammy (blue), Cure Lillian (green!), and Cure Friendly (Purple). Some thoughts below~

Cure Wonderful looks very genki and cheerful, perfect for a lead. She definitely seems dog-themed with her hair resembling dog ears. Some people have theorized that she is a dog belonging to Cure Friendy while Cure Nyammy is a cat belonging to Cure Lillian. That makes perfect sense to me, but I think the pets would mostly stay in a human civilian form, similar to Tsukasa / Cure Wing. Going off of that, I theorize that one of the themes of the season is going to be "being friends with different people".

Cure Friendy, aka Cure Wonderful's owner in my head, looks sweet and shy. Think Nene from Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun. I guess that she will own Wonderful and then make friends with the help of Wonderful's extrovertedness. Speaking of which...

Cure Lillian seems quite confident and lady-like. By the way, I love green cures and am so excited to see another! I love the pastel shade she has. Hopefully her outfit isn't too close in color to her hair.

Cure Nyammy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this name and "Nyammy" is enough for me to think this is real. I'm guessing that she is the cat and is reserved and shy. I'm wondering how Cure Lillian and Nyammy's personalities will differ. Lillian seems more confident based on design. I love Nyammy's white and silver hair! A first for a cure.

 Lastly, I think there will be a yellow / orange midseason Cure. I'm guessing she will be animal-based as well. Maybe a pet the team rescues or adopts? I also predict that NYAMMY will be my personal favorite although they all look good. I guess this season will be more Slice of Life with less action and may be similar to Delicious Party. The mascot / fairy characters are up in the air. My prediction for the plot: Friendly is a shy girl at a new school who wants to make friends. She adopts a dog (Wonderful) which helps her break out of her shell. Wonderful is excited to go to her new home and do dog stuff. However, there is an evil team who uses the energy from animals or friendship and Wonderful + Friendly become Pretty Cure to save the day. Then they recruit Lillian and her cat Nyammy. They all become friends. Midseason shows up later.
 What do you guys think? Is the leak real, fake, stupid-looking, whatever? Thoughts, predictions? I'll end with a doodle of Cure Wonderful.

Wonderful Precure! わんだふるぷりきゅあ!(11/29/23)

 Allllright. We have our first look at the 2024-2025 season with the trademark drop. Source here! Wonderful Precure! The logo just dropped less than 2 hours ago as of writing this, so let's so through with some predictions and opinions! What can we guess from just the logo?
 First off, I love the pastel colors! The hiragana writing along with the pastel-y pinks and purples are giving it a very cutesy look. "Wonderful" isn't as descriptive of a theme as say, "Tropical Rouge" or "Hirogaru Sky".
 However, as anyone with eyes can see, this looks like an animal-themed season! There are bone, heart, and bow-shapes all throughout the logo along with a tail. And some paw-prints! The maru on the ぷ is stylized with cat ears as well. Awesome! Obviously KiraPre had an animal sub-theme, but it's nice to see this theme again.
 My prediction for team colors? Pink lead, blue, yellow, purple, and a possible green! Praying for green. The lead will be a dog-themed cure while the second-in-command blue will be a cat! The midseason will probably be the purple one, let's be honest. The mascots / fairies will be animals too! I hope they're cute animals, I didn't really think Latte was cute-looking, but Rabirin and the others were. I'm hoping for something that's similar in proportion to Mepple / Frappy.
 I will update this page as time moves along and more info comes out about this season~!


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