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 Welcome! The ShouJosei Café is a webring for fans of female-oriented Japanese media.

 If you are a fan of manga, anime, visual novels, light novels, and more that are aimed at women or girls, you are in the right place! Shoujo or Josei-muke! Shoujo romance fans, magical girl fans, Josei fans, boys' love / BL / yaoi fans, otome game fans (yumes welcome!), and more, unite!

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 The ShouJosei Café was created 2/5/24 by Amy. We currently have 27 members. Webring last updated 7/22/24.
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Button Site Link Name Description NSFW? Number
Button! Angel Eye Springs! Amy I love ShouJosei anime and manga! I'm getting more into visual novels as well! Hooray for cute boys and magical girls! I love BL and am almost always exploring more Shoujo / Josei-muke content♡ No 1
Tsunderoid Tsunderoid I'm a casual fan of BL manga and anime, and really love magical girl animes from the showa era, as well as some newer. No 2
Idelides Jade I really like 'grounded' romances and magical girl anime/manga with strong symbolism. Because a lot of magical girl shows tend to focus on converting or redeeming their villains, it offers a really interesting contrast to shonen where the focus is all about overcoming the villain of the week through strength. No 3
lizonline Liz I've been a lover of BL/shounen-ai/danmei/yaoi for a number of years now. I've recently gotten into webnovels and visual novels, and I'm a fledgling yumejoshi as well (I didn't even know that was an option!). I've been really into MXTX's novels as of late, and I have a huge soft spot for Asada Nemui's work, especially her short story To the Sea and her longer, ongoing manga Sleeping Dead (mind the tags on both). If you read them in that order, you can see a lot of improvement, especially with her paneling. I'm a big fan of meaty, psychological works and action, and I have a preference for written media over shows. Feel free to send me recommendations! I'm always on the look-out for things to add to my ever-growing to-read/watch/play list. ^_^ No 4
~*AmiVicky*~ Amy or AmiVicky I’ve been a fan my entire life, starting of course with Sailor Moon! Current faves are CLAMP, Arina Tanemura, A Sign of Affection, A Condition Called Love, Ao Haru Ride, Wotakoi, Paradise Kiss, and The Ice Guy and his Cool Female Colleague! No 5
~*AllyRat World Ally I loove girly media, meaning I obviously love shoujosei anime, manga and games. I especially love magical girl and BL. One of my all time favourite anime is Cardcaptor Sakura Yes 6
CabbageSorter cabbage I enjoy content aimed at adult women, especially when it concerns itself with everyday themes and the general female experience. I enjoy BL here or there as well, and I grew up on shojo anime like Candy Candy, Sailor Moon and Super Gals!. definitely nsfw content in text sometimes and some images might have implied nudity/sexual situations so in short... YES. 7
lovesick lapin I am a longtime shoujosei and BL enjoyer. I started drawing as a kid because of Sailor Moon, Gravitation, and CLAMP. I prefer work/office settings in my josei, with fluffy and heartwarming themes. In my BL, the more toxic the better (haha.) My favorite right now is Wotakoi! Mature 8
ophanimkei mala I'm a big fan of Shakaijin Yuri aimed at lesbians by lesbians and work about female struggles. Ebine Yamaji and Kabi Nagata are some of my favorite mangaka. I also occasionally read BL and straight romance though it's a tiny amount compared to my yuri consumption. labelled 9
shydeer shydeer I love shoujosei manga and anime, especially from the 1970s-90s, and play lots of otome games! My favorite manga is Kanata Kara, my favorite anime is Princess Tutu, and my favorite otome is Angelique. no 10
Inkcaps Sarah Series like Sailor Moon were my introduction to the animanga world, and to this day I still adore ShouJosei! Some of my faves are Oniisama e, Fruits Basket, Kuragehime, and Princess Tutu! ❀ SFW 11
Miki's Otome Oasis Miki I absolutely love girly media made by women and femmes and always have since I was a preteen first getting into anime! I love shoujo and josei anime/manga and it's pretty much all that I read and watch. I am a huge fan of otome games, especially all the Neoromance series (Angelique, Harukanaru, Corda, Geten no Hana). My favourite otome game of all time is Angelique: Tenkuu no Requiem!!! No 12
Caitsith Frankie I'm quite fond of magical girl anime, specifically Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Cardcaptor Sakura. I also love the works of Riyoko Ikeda and Hagio Moto. While I am not a big BL reader, I love yuri media and like to talk about it on my site :) Mature 13
Vencake Personal expressive hub with a focus on games & creativity. Yes 14
AquariumAesthetic Mari I love dramas and magical girls! My favorite shoujo series is probably Fruits Basket. A lot of my own art is inspired by shoujo manga illustrations, especially by artists like Naoko Takeuchi, Matsuri Hino, and CLAMP! No 15
Husbandoism Weeble I'm a BL lover most days but I read Josei when I want a something a bit more grounded and comfy. When i got into JP media, I mostly read shoujo like Ouran, Fruits Basket, and Kaichou Maid-sama, but then BL hit me like a truck lol. Like 16+ idk I swear a bit 16
EXU.EXE Ilene I'm a big fan of the magical girl genre and the DiC dub of Sailor Moon and Ocean Studios dub of Pretty Cure were my gateway into it. These days though I'm very interested in older series like Rose of Versailles Lady Georgie, I adore the 80's artstyles <3 Yes, labelled 17
neetelite neet I've always loved all things romance, particularly otome games where I can fawn over my harem of cute boys <3 I also love to dabble in magical girl anime, and have a lot of love for BL/GL! currently expanding my physical BL/GL manga/doujin collection! nope! 18
N/A RiNet - Rina on the internet Rina Only "true" Shoujo I've seen is Ao Haru Ride. I do like magical girl animes such as Madoka Magica and Mahou Shoujo Site, although those technically aren't Shoujo, they should count in my book. I'm not an active fan, as I am bad with managing my time, but I'm still fond of the medium :). The website itself is just a personal blog/digital journal. Not NSFW, unless excessive cussing offends you. 19
Traveling Healer Niqua, Alias: Panacea I am an overly sensitive hopeless romantic, and my cozy web home strongly reflects this. I became a fan of Otomes in my early 20's for very personal reasons. One of those reasons being that they gave me a setting where I was given the role "Damsel in Distress" to be rescued and cared for, opposite of my situation at the time. The beautifully written romantic stories hit my heart hard. Hakuouki was my introduction into the genre. I'm also a fan of cutesy magical girls and boys! Yes 20
snowibunni Bridget I started via Sailor Moon when I found a DiC VHS tape in a store with pink glitter attracting me (before CN's airing even) and then became engrossed with many magical girl anime when I was older. Especially older ones like Creamy Mami and Minky Momo. I have a huge soft spot for Aikatsu and I retain interest in the works of CLAMP most of all. Yes with warnings 21
cherie Niki A personal website that acts also as an archive of my different interests & hobbies. I love otome games, shoujo manga and joseimuke media. My favorites are Hakuoki, Bokura Ga Ita and iDOLISH7 respectively ♥ No 22
ribbondoll meggie i've loved all sorts of girly media and media made by women since i was young! i personally enjoy more mature themes but fluffy stuff is good too! my favorite series is tgcf, i've also been reading 2ha and she love to cook and she loves to eat lately ♡ nope! 23
Kakikudoku Mika I'm a huge BL fan! As well as a lover of magical girls. My favorite magical girl media is Nurse Witch Komugi! I'm also a big fan of idol anime. Subjects mentioned but not shown 24
Nenrikido Rio/Jay I grew up with shoujo, and although I later expanded my repertoire to include a lot of BL and GL, I still have a soft spot for "old school" shoujo. My all-time favorite has to be Sailor Moon. Not right now. If there ever is, it'll be labelled 25
Neko no Kuni Ame I am into romance/drama webtoons aimed at women either a slice of life or fantasy. I like best stories that feature an adult couple (especially if they are married, since I am just a bit fed up with high school romance lol) and/or that the protagonist is a woman. I also started watching dramas recently. no 26
Angel Hotspot Pearl I've always been loving shoujosei media, ESPECIALLY mahou shoujo ever since i was a lil girl. My very first magical girl crush would be Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Mew Mew. God, i love that series! (I want her strawbell bell so bad pls ♡♡♡ ) Other than that, i also enjoy sailor moon (ofc), ojamojo doremi, princess tutu, and currently hooked up on wonderful precure! Btw, I've been into yume for years now. So, other than talking about our favorite series or suggesting new media to enjoy, we can also talk about our f/o haha. Go ahead and don't be afraid to contact me! (⌯ฅ́˘ฅ̀⌯)♡ Angel Hotspot is my cozy home on the internet where i share things i like including art, thoughts, and many more ♡ Mature, with warnings 27