Thoughts, feelings, vague updates. Might be long or short, titled or not.


Happy birthday Mai. I have been enjoying Splash Star so far.


This is quite cute... I can imagine the aftermarket for this figure would be quite extreme. Should I?


I have never seen this show, but I think the faux-anime style looks really cute and comfy.


 Alright, I know nothing about fashion at all, but this really bothers me. HOW DO I FIND CUTE CLOTHES THAT AREN'T GARBAGE QUALITY? Seriously, everyone complains about Shein and fast fashion crap, but nobody names alternatives. I have been wanting to throw out most of my clothes for a while and just get good pieces that all go together. I think I would look good in Japanese fashions meant for everyday, adult women. Or fashion vaguely inspired by the mid-century. I want to be comfy overall and have always preferred modest styles anyways.

 When I will eventually go through 90's Sailor Moon again, I might take tons of screenshots of all of the fashion even though I know all of that is online already. Look at the screenshot above. I want to wear what Asuka (leftmost, red) is wearing with different pants, what Laura (second-left, blue) is wearing, or what Minori (second-right, yellow) is wearing styled different. WHY DID NOBODY TEACH ME ABOUT FASHION? *sob* Even going to Pinterest, all of the clothing just links to Shein and other garbo-tier websites. I might have to do this all the hard way and research fashion magazines like I'm studying a subject in school. Plus I'm supposed to do a color analysis and analyze my body type, blah blah blah. Putting all of my points into fashion won't be easy, but the result is probably worth it. I want to look good for myself effortlessly.


Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure is amazing. That is all for now..... okay also, I found something exciting at the library... stay tuned.


I am going to go to the library to read and concentrate. It's nice just getting out of the house. You never know what you will find at your local library. I knew someone very sweet once who would go to the local library and really take advantage of the DVDs. Maybe we should come up with a term for library-goers... It would be nice to meet more people there as well.


I like the feeling of holding my cat and stroking him. I can feel the texture of his fur and the way he positions himself on me. I love holding another living thing and letting him trust me. What is it like to be conscious as a cat? How intelligent are they? Life would be so simple living instinctually. For now all I know that I love him and he loves me in his own way. I think I will be a good mother one day.