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Welcome to the list of all of the webpages on my website. Here is my homepage in case you were lost.
My splash page is here.

List of webpages on this website:

Link Description
About My bio.
About / Interests [OLD] All about me, a list of some of my interests, plus quizzes.
Art Gallery A page about my OCs!
Artbook [OLD] Random drawings! I sometimes just doodle for fun~
Bookmarks A bunch of links for if you're bored
Crochet Corner! A spotlight for the various things I crochet!
Crow Card Fortunes Page about content from the official Clow Card fortune book, クロウカードフォーチュンブック
Cute Characters 2.0 Characters I think are super cute! might be a media page
Cute Characters [OLD] OLD page for cute characters
Dancing☆Star Pretty Cure The Stage PreCure stage play shrine, Dancing☆Star Pretty Cure The Stage
Diary Random thoughts + musings.
Doll Page about my doll, fanart, lore, pictures, etc. Say something nice about him!
DRAMAtical Murder DRAMAtical Murder shrine. Adult game.
Guestbook Comment here.
Media A place where I talk about media I've consumed.
Also a home for content before it becomes a shrine.
More About An additional personal page that goes more in-depth. Questionaires, characters like me, whatever.
OC Zone A page about my OCs!
Old Guestbook Before 123Guestbook shutdown. Read only as of June 2024.
PreCure General PreCure FAQ / Information / Opinions. A Shrine. A Webpage. All about PreCure.
ShouJosei Café Webring A webring for fans of female-oriented Japanese media! Join or else
Tropical-Rouge! Precure 2021 Pretty Cure season shrine, Tropical-Rouge! Precure
Wellness Health and wellness rants advice.
Wonderful Precure! Discussion and opinions about 2024 Pretty Cure season, Wonderful Precure!
日本語 A page for Japanese learning!

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